For more than 120 years, the different named glass-engineering factory from Freital has offered an interesting and wide-ranging program for the glass processing industry.

The Company Glasmaschinenbau Freital was founded in 1890 in Schwarzenberg, Germany as “Fr. Wilhelm Kutzscher”. In 1905 company Kutzscher bought the former mould company “August Riecke” and started 26.07.1905 the production of machines, moulds and a special cast iron located in the present place of the city Freital, Germany.

After second world war in 1945/46 the company “Fr. Wilhelm Kutzscher” was divided in two companies. One part with the original company name “Fr. Wilhelm Kutzscher” went to Kiel (West Germany) and works now as the wellknown “FORMA Glass GmbH” in Neukirchen (Austria). The second part in East Germany was renamed into “Glasmaschinenbau Freital”. The first director of this company was my grand father Arno Nestler, who works in the former company Kutzscher many years as the chief constructor.

Until 1972 the production programm includes machines for table ware production, tube drawing and manufactoring as well as the bottle blowing machines. In 1972 the requirement of bottle blowing machines was so high, that we gave the other production programms to the in 1957 founded sister company “GLAMACO Maschinenbau GmbH”.

I started my education in “Glasmaschinenbau Freital” in 1981 as fitter in the machine assembling hall. After finishing the high scool and unification of the devided Germany I became on 01.07.1990 the first director of the “Glasmaschinenbau Freital GmbH”.
In 1993 I bought 36% of this company and in 2001 the other 64%.

The today proposed bottle blowing machines were reconstructed from the older types U6, U8 and U12 in the early 90`s through the demand of the glass industry for small quantity and low cost machines with blowing process in finish mould.

Since 1946 Glasmaschinenbau Freital produced approx. 1300 machines for the glass industry world wide.

Thank You for your interest in our bottle blowing machines and I hope for a future collaboration with Your company.

Alexander Nestler
Managing Director

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